Ideally located near the pool but sheltered from any noise with with trickling stream winding through the complex. You will love making this remodeled unit your personal space. The light laminate flooring and neutral walls make this space an inviting blank canvas for your design. The kitchen features oak cabinets, recessed lighting with tray ceiling and tile flooring...refrigerator included. Take note of the additional wall pantry for additional storage! The dining room, living room and bedroom each have a ceiling fan for your comfort. Want air conditioning? The seller also has a portable room a/c unit that can stay-just write it in your offer! Recessed lighting in the living room gives the room an open modern look and the patio adds extended living area and ambiance with the lush landscaping. The bathroom has just been remodeled with a quartz vanity and marble mosaic flooring adding to its design. Be sure to look in the closet to see the closet organizer making the most efficient use of the space. A full size washer and dryer are included in the patio laundry area. As an additional value you also have a single car garage with remote just steps away! And there is even more suspended storage space in the garage to keep those personal items that are valuable to you but seldom used. So take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the pool, spa and tennis courts at your leisure when you make this your new home.


坐落附近的游泳池,但受到任何噪音与涓涓流绕过复杂的。 你一定会喜欢使这种改造的单元的个人空间。 光层地板和中立的城墙,使这个空间的一个邀请空白的画布你的设计。 厨房里的功能橡木橱柜、凹式灯光盘上限和砖地板...冰箱包括在内。 请注意附加的墙厨房用额外的储存的! 餐厅里,客厅卧室各有一个吊扇为您服务。 希望空调吗? 卖方还有一个便携式室a/c单元,可以留下来-只是把它写在你的! 凹式灯光的起居室提供的房间一个开放的现代的外观和天井增加了延长居住区和享受与葱绿的景观。 浴室已经改造的石英的虚荣和大理石镶嵌地板加到它的设计。 一定要看看在衣橱,看看在衣橱组织作出最有效的使用的空间。 一个全尺寸的洗衣机和烘干机,包括在露台洗衣房。 作为一个额外的价值,你还有一个车库遥远的距离! 甚至有更多的悬储存空间,在车库以保持这些个人物品是有价值的给你但是很少使用。 所以利用这个机会来享受的游泳池和网球场,在你的休闲时使这是你的新家园。